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Stargazing: Health Returning Very Slowly For Dallas Stars

The good news is that no Dallas Stars were injured or re-injured on Wednesday. That lineup demonstrated long stretches of dominance against the Coyotes on Wednesday, particularly in the second period, and it will take the ice once again tonight. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as it's the first game to game lineup consistency the Stars have had in nearly three weeks.

The bad news is that Jamie Benn and Adam Burish have no targets set and will likely be out for the foreseeable future. Burish in particular will likely miss at least two weeks. Same with Krys Barch. We hear Jamie Benn is skating but information is sketchy beyond that. As fans we'd like to know what his doctor thinks, what he had for dinner, what meds he's on, and whether or not we can fly his mother in to kiss it and make it feel better because THAT'S how much we miss Jamie Benn, but we'll have to settle for the veil of secrecy that descends of NHL injuries this time of year.

The first real bit of specifics on Toby Petersen were reported today by Mike Heika. Well over a month ago we heard that Petersen was injured in practice and was hit by a puck, and that was the end of it. Now we've come to find out that the puck hit his leg in a place where he already had a plate installed due to a previously broken bone. This complicated things. Mystery solved. He should be back sometime on the road trip next week.


  • NBC Chicago thinks and early Hawks goal would make the Stars go "here we go again." Hard to argue there. [NBC Chicago]
  • Chicago's new acquisition, Michael Frolik, will start on the wing tonight. Marian Hossa is still looking doubtful with the flu for tonight. [ESPN Chicago]
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  • Fanhouse has a piece on the job GM Joe Nieuwendyk has done in Dallas. [Fanhouse]
  • Mike Heika has more Turco quotes today from morning skate. [DMN]
  • If you're following along with the Coyotes ownership saga, the city of Glendale is now issuing a bond program to finance things and the Goldwater Institute releases a statement on the effort that makes it sound like a terrible idea and possibly illegal. It's a fascinating process and it's still as controversial as ever. If I paid taxes in that city I think I would be a little upset.
  • Sporting News suggests that recent losses could re-open the Brad Richards trade market. [SN]
  • Two likely call ups should further injuries hit, Travis Morin and Philip Larsen, are both having health issues of their own. It's an epidemic. [Hundred Degree Hockey]