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Snowpocalypse, 2011: Dallas Stars Fans, Be Careful

It could be worse...
It could be worse...

While the game tonight between the St. Louis Blues and the Colorado Avalanche has been postponed due to the massive winter storm wreaking havoc across the midwest, tonight's game between the Stars and Canucks will continue as planned. The Canucks were in town before the storm hit and are staying not far from the AAC, so there won't be an issue of getting the visiting team to the arena today. Additionally, the team stated yesterday that the Stars players will be safely transported to the arena, no matter what.

So, despite ice on nearly all the roads across DFW today...the game will go on.

I'm expecting there to be no more than 5,000 or so fans on hand for tonight's game and anything above that number will be fairly impressive. While DART has announced that trains are once again running (with a 30 minutes headway??), the roads themselves are especially treacherous.

Especially when you consider who else is on them.

Let's face it. Texans don't drive very well in the ice or snow. A torrential downpour, some crazy wind, a tornado or two; that's all a piece of cake to North Texas drivers. Put some of that wet, mushy or slick stuff down on the roads, however, and suddenly everyone forgets that slamming on your brakes while approaching a turn with a rear-wheel drive pickup truck on an inch of ice isn't exactly the best way to go about your business.

So I implore you, Stars fans: be careful. If you are planning on attending the game tonight, give yourself plenty of time and don't try and rush to get to the AAC. Take your time, take it nice and easy out on the roads and get there and back home safely.

While you're at the AAC, however....I want you to lose your mind. Make 5,000 sounds like 10,000 or so. The players will appreciate it, at least.