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Dallas Stars Announce New & Lower Ticket Prices

We hinted early today that new ticket prices would be announced soon for individual games and this afternoon, the Dallas Stars announced the new ticket plan -- which will start immediately.

It's a significant drop in ticket prices in almost every area of the arena. The biggest news is that there is now a $9 ticket option (likely for the upper corners) and that most tickets in the upper level will cost $25 or less. Lower level tickets have also significantly dropped, with most seats (around 63%) now costing $70.

For most fans this is great news as it makes going to Stars games the cheapest option in Dallas. President & CEO Jim Lites stated that when they researched why fans were no longer attending, the reason given the most often was the price of the ticket. Rather than entering into a giant promotion/giveaway frenzy, the Stars elected to dramatically change ticket pricing options for individual games.

I know that for some season ticket holders this will come as interesting news, as some have expressed frustration that some may be paying less than what they did. What I do know is that all season long we've heard about the "pathetic and embarrassing" attendance at the AAC and how the people at the games would love to have a full and packed arena. I would also contend that STH get added "perks" that those buying individual tickets do not -- it's not just about individual prices for games.

Judging by the initial reaction on Twitter, I'd say these changes in prices will certainly entice more fans to attend.

In the end, more attendance means better value overall for the STH base as more fans will be willing to make that investment moving forward. The Texas Rangers did something similar to this in 2010, although their issues with attendance were not as drastic.

To me, this is great news for the Stars and their fans as it is now apparent this ownership is committed to reaching out to fans and getting them to come back to the AAC. Let's not overlook the significance of this move -- the Stars already had the cheapest average ticket in the NHL.

Full press release and all ticket prices after the jump.

Frisco, Tex. - The Dallas Stars announced today that the hockey club has reduced prices on individual tickets at American Airlines Center . The new pricing touches most seating areas of the arena, including a reduction of the best seats in the house. The Stars have not had ticket prices like this since the days of playing at Reunion Arena.

The new individual ticket pricing is the first initiative implemented by new Stars owner Tom Gaglardi and President/CEO Jim Lites since coming on board on Nov. 21.

The pricing goes into effect immediately on the remainder of Stars home games in the 2011-12 season. Fans can begin taking advantage of the new prices beginning Friday, Dec. 9, at 10 a.m. at or by calling 214 GO STARS.

Highlights of the new individual ticket pricing include:

Mezzanine (Upper Level) Pricing

_ The introduction of a $9 ticket (down from $15)
_ A re-pricing of much of the Mezzanine; 85.6% of the upper level is now priced at $25-or-less
_ The best seats of the Mezzanine have been reduced to $40 from $45

Lower Level Pricing

_ A re-classification in the lower bowl to two main price points: $70 and $110
_ Almost two-thirds (63.6%) of the seats in the lower bowl are now $70
_ Over 1,500 seats have been reduced 30% from $100 to $70
_ The best seats in the house (center ice) have been reduced from $150 to $110

"One of the first things we did as a management team was look at individual ticket prices," Gaglardi said. "The fans spoke and we listened. We're pleased that we can now offer a $9 ticket and we feel that these new prices make Stars games more affordable. Our team needs a full building every night to give us a true home-ice advantage."

Added Lites, "We truly have something for everyone with these new prices. Our goal is to deliver value to every fan, no matter where you want to sit. When your best seats don't sell out, they are too expensive. We've done something about it and made them more affordable.

"These prices are the lowest we've had since moving to American Airlines Center 10 years ago."

Stars Individual Ticket Pricing Comparison: 2001-02 to 2011-12

Mezzanine (Upper) Level 2001-02 2011-12 2011-12
Section Price* Old Price New Price
East Mezzanine $25 $15 $9
Mezzanine $40 $35 $25
Mezzanine Preferred $70 $45 $40

Lowe Level 2001-02 2011-12 2011-12
Section Price* Old Price New Price
Plaza $105/$90 $125/$100/$70 $70
StarsClub Premium $150/$135 $150/$125 $110

* 2001-02 was Stars' first season in American Airlines Center