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Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 9

It has been some time since we looked at the Dallas Stars "ups and downs" rankings. In a roller coaster month for the team, there are some interesting stat lines for many players over the course of the month of November. This week's ratings will be based only on the games in November. Next week we'll catch up on the December games to date, and then it's back to the weekly rankings from there on out.

This week, we also introduce a new colored trend: Injured Reserve. (I didn't feel it was fair to give someone a "Slumping" or "Struggling" or even "Average" if they're sitting on the shelf.) After the jump, this week's ups and downs. Feel free to debate the ratings in the comments.


Comments: Was called up from Texas Stars to fill in as a backup to Raycroft while Lehtonen is injured. Stars didn't have a stretch of games where they needed to put him in, but it is expected with the upcoming road trip he may get a shot at showing the Stars what he can do in net.

6 gp, 0 pts, -2

Comments: Played exactly as expected in the role he fills on the team.

Jamie BENN
13 gp, 4-9-13, +9

Comments: Averaged a point per game and even scored a signature Jamie Benn shorthanded goal in November. Can't really ask for much more...or can we?

6gp, 1-3-4, -1

Comments: Broke his hand in the November 15 game versus Florida Panthers, not expected to be back until late December.

Trevor DALEY
12gp, 0-2-2, +2

Comments: Daley was finding a solid two-way game before going out with an injury to his back at the end of the month.

8gp, 0-0-0, -5

Comments: Dowell has been a healthy scratch even with the injuries the Stars sustained in the month. He is tied with Pardy for the worst plus minus of the month.

13gp, 2-5-7, -4

Comments: Quietly started putting up assists during the month of November, and is one piece of arguably the hottest line for the Stars. Also started potting some goals of his own. It's all looking up for Mr. Dvorak.

13gp, 4-9-13, +9

Comments: Same as his linemate, averaged a point per game for the month. And did it all with his usual level of defensive responsibility.

13gp, 1-5-6, -1

Comments: Another one third of the best line of the month, Fiddler managed to get on the scoresheet himself playing between Nystrom and Dvorak. Was also his steady self on the dot as well.

12gp, 0-0-0, -3

Comments: Fistric stepped up his defensive game when paired with young Philip Larsen for several games, still laying some hip checks as expected from the big man. Unfortunately one of only two defensemen that finished November on the negative side of the plus minus.

4gp, 1-1-2, +1

Comments: Broken thumb and all of a sudden the Stars powerplay couldn't figure out how to score a PPG. Think he's missed on the blueline? Most definitely. Recently got a playing cast on his hand, should return to the lineup by mid-December if everything goes as planned.

13gp, 0-1-1, +1

Comments: Grossman has finally started looking like the solid stay at home defensemen Stars fans are used to (not) noticing on the blueline.

5gp, 0-2-2, +2

Comments: Young defensemen is showing that he belongs in the big show. Sets up and tries to clear the front of the net, even if he is smaller compared to other NHL defensemen, and has that crisp pass to get out of the zone.

10gp, 5 wins, .912 SV% for the month

Comments: Luckily his groin injury isn't as bad as originally feared. Was having a decent stretch before going down for the count. Joins a growing conga line to the IR.

Brenden MORROW
3 gp, 2 a, 11 hits

Comments: The team has missed the leadership from the Captain. Was starting to find the scoresheet on a semi-regular basis before being sidelined with all sorts of upperbody injuries near the end of the month.

13gp, 7-2-9, Even

Comments: The power of the moustache. Within November, almost matches his NHL career season best stats in goals and points. Has turned the Stars' third line into one of the more dangerous third lines to play against.

Steve OTT
7gp, 2-0-2, -1

Comments: Great on the dot, was sorely missed when he was injured in November. Still his pesky self.

6gp, 0-1-1, -5

Comments: Co-leads the team with the worst plus minus for the month. Not great defensive positioning by him many shifts, but did have several spectacular saves to save a point-blank goal.

13gp, 1-0-1, -4

Comments: Seeing time on the powerplay with injuries to key forwards on the team, and the powerplay didn't click during November. Definitely not all his fault, but there have been several games where he struggled playing on the point.

4gp, 1 win, .915 SV%

Comments: Had a tough assignment to come into the game where Lehtonen was injured. Played lights-out in his win.

13gp, 1-6-7, -2

Comments: Playing a solid defensive game with Vincour on his wing. Seeing a slight uptick in his faceoff percentage. Still not scoring the goals the team needs from him with so many guys out of the lineup.

Stephane ROBIDAS
13gp, 2-4-6, +1

Comments: Highest scoring defensemen for the Stars for the month. His usual defensive play. It's all good with Robi.

Michael RYDER
13gp, 6-6-12, +7

Comments: Has found some magic with linemates Benn and Eriksson, resulting in almost a point per game for all three of them for the month.

Sheldon SOURAY
13gp, 1-4-5, +2

Comments: Goal scoring kind of dropped off, but he's still doing all the things right to get great scoring chances.

5gp, 0-0-0, -3

Comments: He's doing everything but score. Looks dangerous around the net, makes smart plays in the offensive zone and is helping step up Ribeiro's defensive game playing on his wing. Just wish he'd find the back of the net to get rewarded for his hard work on ice.

12gp, 0-1-1, -4

Comments: Isn't really standing out on the scoresheet, but seems to be playing an okay defensive game (minus a few forgettable mistakes on coverage) to keep him in the lineup consistently. Has almost the same faceoff percentage as Ribeiro (.2% higher than Ribeiro's 46.1% for the month.)