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Jamie Benn Makes Puck Daddy's Best of 2011 List; Was This The Right Goal?

Jamie Benn's goal against Columbus from earlier this season came in at #4 of Puck Daddy's "Best Hockey Goals of 2011", where he took on the entire team by himself to score one of the more amazing goals you'll see.

Watch it below:

Now, I'll concede this was certainly Benn's best goal of this season and certainly the best goal by a Dallas Stars player -- but this is the best goals of 2011. Is Benn's goal the best of this calendar year for him personally, or was there a few that might have been better?

Let's examine after the jump.

Here are a few from 2011. You be the judge:

All of these goals came in 2011 and in my opinion were just as good as the one picked for #4 by Puck Daddy. I can understand why it was picked -- one guy taking on five is certainly big time -- but part of that has to do with some horrendous play by Rick Nash and Steve Mason. The others were absolutely incredible as well.

What's your call?