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SB Nation iPhone & Android App: What's Your Take?

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Yesterday, the Android app for SB Nation finally went live (more information can be found here). A few months back SB Nation released their iPhone app, and later an update, and I was interested to hear the response to the iPhone app was a bit tepid at best.

I've downloaded the Android app to my Motorola Xoom and while it's not specifically made for tablets, I found it actually works quite well if you don't mind reading in portrait mode only. Even with the full browser working fine on the tablet, I found that reading my favorite blogs on the app was much faster and much more streamlined. The stories and the comments load incredibly fast.

I've heard some initial complaints, but most seemed to be about people not realizing the features they were complaining about actually do exist. For instance, when you click on the comments, there is a "next unread comment" feature that acts as the "z" button and while it doesn't automatically refresh, hitting the refresh button updates all the comments and you can immediately see all of the new, unread comments. I'm going to be interested to see how well this works in a game thread.

I know that some people don't like that it defaults to the "news feed" instead of Defending Big D, for example, but it's two simple "clicks" to get to Defending Big D once you've saved it as one of your favorite blogs. I actually love the fact that I can customize my news feed so that all of my favorite blogs and sports show up in one place.

What's your take on these apps so far, and what improvements would you like to see? I want to provide some constructive feedback to the tech team, so please give detailed explanations for what your issues or comments may be.