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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Eric Nystrom Good On And Off Ice In Tuesday's Win Over Washington

Eric Nystrom is quickly worming his way into my black, crumbling little heart.

The salary-cap acquisition has arguably the most entertaining Twitter account of the Stars players on which he posts semi-regular updates of his Movember stache, and he scores gorgeous goals where he doesn't even need to be on his feet. And he does all that in front of his mom and dad. Aw.

Combine that with how well he's fit in with the current Dallas Stars group since he was acquired from the Minnesota Wild, and what's not to love?

Well he gave me even more reason to love him because he made a good-dude move before Tuesday's 5-2 victory over the Washington Capitals.

"I've worked so hard this summer to improve my game. And I've been practicing so hard. And it pays off. I didn't really get a chance earlier this year in Minnesota. It's a blessing," said Nystrom.

The 28-year-old winger felt so blessed that he decided to pay it forward while in Washington, D.C. Nystrom said he took leftovers from the Stars' pregame meal to a local park, handing it over to two presumably homeless gentlemen. "Gave them the best meal they had in a long time," he said.

My love for him grows by the moment.

After the jump, much more on the Stars 5-2 victory over the Capitals, Loui Eriksson reveals his inner geek and how can the Nashville Predators adopt a song that's not by a country artist?


  • Before we get to all the fun that was Tuesday night, let me issue a friendly reminder about our very own Defending Big D watch party this Saturday. Those of us who don't live in other godforsaken parts of the country will be at Frankie's Bar in Uptown to watch the Stars take on the hated Detroit Red Wings. [Defending Big D]
  • The first two grafs of Mike Heika's observations blog from the game make me such a happy Stars fan today. []
  • There's just so much good out of last night's game and the opening stretch, as Mark Stepneski details in this notes package. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Razor said Nystrom has been carrying the Cape of Confidence recently, but Heika says the entire team, from the front office down, isn't lacking in that category in this paywalled article. []
  • According to this story, the loss to the Stars might have gotten the Capitals in hot water with their coach. "If it’s a comfort thing," Boudreau said, "The comfort will change tomorrow." Part of me wants go "ooooooh" like you did in elementary school when someone else got in trouble. [Washington Post]
  • Our friends over at Jaspers' Rink were less than impressed with the Capitals work rate. This type of post-game story is becoming a theme for Stars opponents. I like it.[Jaspers' Rink]
  • Before the game, Mac Engel blogged about just how much we would learn about this team on the road trip. I'm not quite sure what the top few grafs have to do with the rest of the story, but some of you around here will like it regardless. [FWST]
  • The next part in the ongoing behind-the-scenes photo series from the official site. []
  • Loui Eriksson needs to do more interviews like this (as does Jamie Benn, for that matter), where he shows the personality that we all know is lurking somewhere deep inside. [Puck Daddy]
  • Apparently the Lone Star Emmys people agree with Razor that the Stars crew "calls the crap out of games" because the FSSW team took home the award for best Live Sports Event, the third time a Stars game has won that honor. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Pierre LeBrun tries to comfort Carolina Hurricanes fans who are in the dumps after getting thumped by the Stars and offers some praise for Dallas as well. [ESPN]
  • Around the Pacific Division: The Los Angeles Kings snapped out of their funk with a 4-3 victory over the Nashville Predators, but at least they did help the Stars out by avoiding the dreaded three-point game. [Yahoo]
  • The Stars have had victory music in the locker room before, but I do love it when those choices get revealed to the media. Nashville couldn't play their newest selection on Tuesday, and honestly, I'm not sure I would have picked this particular song for either a.) the home of country music or b.) hockey. [The Tennessean]
  • Nominally I chose this video because Michael Ryder's great first two periods might get overlooked in Jamie Benn's 3-point night and Nystrom's heroics. But I also really chose is for Mr. Casual Friday over his left shoulder. Nice hat.