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Dallas Stars Trade Scenarios: What's Your Take?

Yesterday's article on the Jarome Iginla trade rumor sparked some very interesting conversation, especially considering the post wasn't about the trade itself but more about how the rumor was started.

With Iginla's name being out there in trade talk and Bobby Ryan now the hot topic -- in November no less -- I wanted to get a feel for what the DBD community would be expecting should the Stars get involved in a trade sometime over the next few months.

With Tom Gaglardi saying that he's willing to add payroll for the right move, there's been endless speculation that the Stars will be buyers very soon and look to add a significant piece to this team this season. Joe Nieuwendyk has shown that he doesn't necessarily have to wait until the trade deadline to make a big move, with the trades for Kari Lehtonen and Alex Goligoski both coming well before the deadline. While we keep saying "wait until February", Nieuwendyk has proven he'll jump on a trade when it's right.

A trade for a player like Bobby Ryan just isn't right for the Stars. They'd have to lose a top forward in return (like Loui Eriksson) and some high draft picks. While adding a significant piece to this team is incredibly appealing, we have to consider the price to be paid for such a move. Going after the top targets in the NHL would be costly -- but going after a mid-to-upper-level player could be possible -- especially considering the flexibility the Stars have with a number of veteran contracts on the team.

What would you like to see from the Stars and remember -- we have to be realistic. Trading Scott Glennie and an AHL goaltender won't get you much in today's NHL. What price are you willing to pay this season for the right player?