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Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 4

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It has felt like it's been quite a while since we last had Dallas Stars hockey in front of us - and it has - so we delayed this week's edition of Ups And Downs until today to give us all a slight refresher on how the boys did last week.

A 2-1-0 still keeps the Stars near the top of the standings and it also keeps most players on the positive side of trends. A few depth players however saw a bit of a slip in performance and could really stand to pick up their game...

1 gp, 6 hits, 1 takeaway

Comments:Like last week he only played in one game but that one game was quite an effort for him as he had six hits in a little over seven minutes of play.

Jamie BENN
3 gp, 3 a, 6 hits

Comments:Maybe not as prolific offensevely but still playing a physical game.

3 gp, 1 3, 4 hits

Comments:The work Burish has been doing on faceoffs (winning 13 of 15 taken) hasn't gotten as much attention but is proving to be as vauluable as his hitting and shot blocking ability.

Trevor DALEY
3 gp, 1 g, 9 shots

Comments:Daley is starting to find a nice balance between smart defensive play and jumping in with offensive chances - and was rewarded with a goal against the Kings.

2 gp, 2 hits

Comments:Jake may have lost some playing time with a combination of two lethargic games at the start of the week and Barch's play on Friday.

3 gp, 2 a, 6 bs

Comments:A pair of asists as well as some solid defensive forward play (check out his blocked shots total) has shown that Radek is starting to feel more comfortable with his new team.

3 gp, 1 g, 1 a, 9 shots

Comments:The beat goes on for Loui offensvely, but did you know he was credited with seven blocked shots as well?

3 gp, 1 g, 1 a

Comments:Huge game winning goal against the Devils and his faceoff percentage was over 50% in all three games as well.

1 gp, 3 hits, 3 bs

Comments:Fistric had a solid game against the Kings but with it being a loss his solid play may be overlooked a little as he continues to share playing time.

3 gp, 9 hits, 9 bs

Comments:Really good work on defense from Grossman this week. Here is hoping that wicked cut he was hit with on Saturday doesn't affect his play too badly this week.

3 gp, 1 a, 2 shots, 2 hits

Comments:Some of the pressure to be an offensive spark has been taken off him thanks to Souray and Daley, but still this past week was an off week capped by a -3 game against the Kings.

3 gp, 3-0

Comments:Three more wins to end the month in which he was named the NHL's second star.

Brenden MORROW
3 gp, 2 a, 11 hits

Comments:Same 'ol strong play from the captain.

3 gp, 1 g, 10 hits

Comments:So tempting to give Nystrom an up, especially with his first goal against the Kings, but we have a feeling he may only be getting started.

Steve OTT
3 gp, 2 a, 7 hits

Comments:Ott still brings the pain with his hitting, but as we stated on the podcast, it's been nice to see that the team doesn't depend on just him to provide a spark with that play.

2 gp, 1 bs

Comments: Not a good week as he was almost invisable in the two games he played.

1 gp

Comments:Not looking good for Toby as he had all of nine shifts in Pheonix and did nothing at all with that ice time.

0 gp

Comments:No action last week as well as the long break this week means we should see him start fairly soon.

3 gp, 2 a, 6 shots, 5 hits

Comments:Ever think we'd see a week where Ribs had more hits than shots on net? We almost had that this past week as his physical play continues to catch attention.

Stephane ROBIDAS
3 gp, 9 hits

Comments:It would be nice to see Robi get on the scoresheet with a point or two, but otherwise no complaints at all about his play.

Michael RYDER
3 gp, 1 g, 6 shots

Comments:Was a lot less trigger man this past week but still picked up a goal.

Sheldon SOURAY
3 gp, 2 g, 1 a, 10 shots

Comments:Shoot early, shoot often, shoot from even in your own zone (when the opposing goalie is pulled of course).

2 gp, 0 pts, -1

Comments:Pretty much the same stat line as he had last week and isn't really doing anything to wow people while on the ice.