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Kari Lehtonen Out Three Weeks With Groin Pull

Can Raycroft help pilot the Stars' ship for three weeks to a decent points percentage until help arrives?
Can Raycroft help pilot the Stars' ship for three weeks to a decent points percentage until help arrives?

The Dallas Stars got some good news and some bad news today after Kari Lehtonen's MRI. There was speculation that because of the seemingly conflicting reports out there (knee, groin) and the tone of the reporting being done that there could be more than just the groin and that this could be a significant, long-term injury. It is Kari Lehtonen, after all. He's been healthy for two full calendar years but you still worry about it.

The good news is it's not that serious. It's just a groin pull and he'll be back this year. The bad news is that the Stars will have to battle for about three weeks, maybe a little more, without him. That could encompass anywhere from nine to twelve+ games, depending on how it goes.

If he comes back after that the Stars could be looking at Aelix Goligoski, Adam Burish and Kari Lehtonen all returning to the lineup by about Christmas time, leaving them over half of the season to right their ship and get back into a more agreeable gear. The question is: Where will they be in the standings after another dozen games of these injuries?

Coach Gulutzan to media in Colorado this morning:

"Kari is going to be out at least three weeks here for us, but we got some good news on that front as far as the MRI. It's not a "high groin pull" it's kind of a low strain, a low pull, so those tend to heal a little bit better. We're looking at the three week mark before he can get going again so, that was some good news."

He said Vernon Fiddler will probably go tonight, and added that Trevor Daley's injury will not be a long one.

"There's a possibility he's a player for Thursday or Saturday" Gulutzan said on Daley. "It's kind of like a pinched nerve. When they start to heal they'll heal quick."

The Stars could have Morrow and Daley back by Saturday, if that's the case. Dallas has one back-to-back in the coming weeks: New Jersey is the second half of that one on December 16th. Will we see Bachman then?