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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Still Losing Individual Battles, Coach Says

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This is how we wish the Stars were defending in their own zone right now.
This is how we wish the Stars were defending in their own zone right now.

There were so many positive vibes floating around Dallas Stars world yesterday with the purchase of the team that many said it would be a good day no matter how the team performed against the Colorado Avalanche.

Did they really have to go and test that, though?

While it wasn't as big an egg as the recent loss to the Florida Panthers, Friday's 3-0 loss at Colorado wasn't very good either, and the way they went about losing the game was far too similar to the others in the now four-game slide.

Coach Glen Gulutzan said while things were better, he's disturbed at some of the trends he's seeing.

"I think we did some better things. I think the discouraging thing is that we are not winning any of our individual battles. We were working hard up ice. I thought we did a lot better job in the neutral zone, some of the things we worked on. But if you’re not going to win your own one-on-one battles then there is really nothing you can do. You have to win battles, get to pucks, hold them and start cycles. It seems that if we get a puck chipped into our end on the forecheck, they keep it in for 30 seconds. We chip one in their end, get on it and we’re in there for five. You can’t have it going that way all the time. I think each guy’s battle level has to come up."

After the jump, a few pieces from around the league on the confirmation of the sale, more on the Stars loss to the Avalanche and how not to score on an empty net.


  • Before we get into the ickyness that was the game, and yes, that's a scientific term, I bring you a very comprehensive Q&A with new-to-you president Jim Lites from the free branch of the DMN. []
  • Oh Canada. Is there nothing your media can't turn into a xenophobically-tinged headline on the state of hockey in the Southern U.S.? [Globe & Mail]
  • If you're a masochist and didn't get enough in last night's game, here's a timeline of all the drama involved in the long sales process. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Here's the quick-and-dirty recap of the game from ESPN Dallas for those of you who missed it and yet somehow aren't inspired to go find a replay. [ESPN Dallas]
  • And here's the DMN's paywalled gamer which called the team "reeling." I'd say that's pretty appropriate at this point. []
  • Despite what the statistics said, the Stars did create a handful of quality scoring chances in this game only to have them all turned back by Jean-Sebastien Giguere, who still graces my nightmares after 2003. The Denver Post takes on if his solid play is causing a goaltending controversy in Colorado. [Denver Post]
  • If you've got a Dallas Business Journal subscription, and I know you do, you can check out their analysis of how the Stars might benefit from the NBA lockout. [Dallas Business Journal]
  • Meet the enemy, part the first: If you need a way to humanize the hated San Jose Sharks, try this story about how they've developed a wonderful relationship with a little girl with leukemia. [Fear the Fin]
  • Meet the enemy, part the second: James Sheppard has been unavailable to the Sharks with an injury, but he will be making the trip with the team according to this notebook. [Working the Corners]
  • Around the Pacific Division: What's a fun way to make the Phoenix Coyotes even less popular? Have two players go on record ripping former goalie and current Philadelphia Flyer Ilya Bryzgalov. [CSN Philly]
  • Inspired by the moment Craig Smith of the Nashville Predators had with the rare empty-net goalie last night, Justin Bourne breaks down how not to score in an EN situation. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Glen Gulutzan is not a happy man when it comes to his players winning individual battles. Nor should he be.