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NHL Board Of Governors Approve Tom Gaglardi As New Dallas Stars Owner

According to Mark Stepneski the NHL Board of Governors voted to approve Tom Gaglardi as the owner of your Dallas Stars. The final hurdle to the Stars changing hands from hedge-fund-purgatory to Gaglardi is the final bankruptcy hearing this Friday where it is expected that the judge will approve the plan.

Much has been written about Gaglardi to this point, but one item that has been largely ignored in this process is that the Canadian businessman is half-Texan. His mother's family is from Longview, and he has family ties to the DFW area.

It is expected that long time Stars president Jim Lites will be hired quickly after the confirmation to take over as team president once again as the Stars try to re-establish their presence within the DFW community. It is expected that the Stars will make an official announcement on Friday after the confirmation hearing with a press conference introducing Gaglardi , and presumably Lites, for Monday. There is no official word about the press conference yet, but it has been widely speculated about for a few weeks now.

Upon taking over the Gaglardi group will have a lot of work to do.They will immediately begin building a front office, and presumably a handful of people are already in place, but unannounced. I, for one, am very interested to see how they tackle the challenges at hand. We all know about the attendance issues, and the lack of visibility the Stars currently have. I imagine that is about to change for the better very quickly. No other details are available right now though, but rest assured that as more developments become available you will find them here.

We've been waiting for this news for a long time. It feels good, and it's happening at an appropriate time of year. I can add one more thing that I'm sincerely thankful for this year. Thank you Tom Gaglardi for rescuing this team from financial hell, and thank you Jim Lites for whatever magic you're about to work getting this team back on it's collective feet.

So, let the celebration begin.