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Defending Big D Talks To Mark Fistric: Movember, Dallas Stars Defense & Go Karts

We present to you a very special episode of Stargazing this week, where we had the honor of getting the chance to talk to Dallas Stars defenseman Mark Fistric for a good portion of our show.

Fistric came on the show to discuss a number of topics -- what we wanted to focus on first and foremost was Fistric's and the team's involvement in Movember. A number of players on the team are participating, growing mustaches to help garner support for men's health and cancer research.

You can find all the information you need here at the team page for Movember.

Fistric took the time to talk to us about the current season for the Stars as well and really had some great insight as to what is working so well for the team so far this season. What really stood out to me was his description of how the defensive strategy for the Stars has changed this season from in the past. It was nice to learn that what we speculated on was indeed true -- the Stars played an aggressive defensive scheme under Crawford that sometimes led to too much scrambling in their own end.

He also talked about the team-building the Stars are doing this year and how coach Glen Gulutzan has helped the Stars find the fun in being a hockey team once more and how that has manifested itself on the ice. This is a Stars team that is having a blast -- the winning helps -- and for the first time in a while they are a complete team up and down the roster.

Listen to the show after the jump.

A quick note: We had some fairly rough technical issues last night when talking to Fistric and we'd like to apologize for him for a part of the interview being cut off. We did our best to piece it all back together and we're working diligently to ensure these issues won't happen again.

The Dallas Stars have the best record in the NHL, and that has everyone excited for the future but also tapping the brakes a bit on any playoff success talk. Also, Stars D Mark Fistric joins the show to talk about the Movember fund raising efforts as well as the team's fast start to the 2011-12 season.

The Mark Fistric interview begins around the 26:00 minute mark.

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