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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Gulutzan's Teaching Background Paying Off

Can't you just see him in front of a chalkboard?
Can't you just see him in front of a chalkboard?

Glen Gulutzan's background as a teacher isn't a secret anymore to Dallas Stars fans, but the national media is finally catching on that part of the new head coach's story.

This article from might be the national hockey audience's first real introduction to the new head coach who has the Stars off to such a hot start (and who gave them the day off of practice on Wednesday to have a team-bonding day at the go-kart track).

It's a pretty solid article that focuses on Gulutzan and assistant Paul Jerrard, who came up with him from Austin when both were promoted from the Texas Stars this summer. And it acknowledges that the hockey establishment didn't really know what to make of the Stars move when he was hired but are quickly coming around on him.

A sample of how he described his philosophy:

"It's just kind of the way we've done things in Austin the last couple of years. I come from a teaching background and I have a teaching background," Gulutzan said. "So this lesson planning thing isn't far stretched from practice planning, preparing, yearly plans and stuff like that. We want to be concise with what we do, clear, and make sure the message doesn't get convoluted when it gets to the players, that they know exactly what we want them to do and there are no gray areas. I think that's what can help build the team."

Also making an appearance in this story is the amusing Krys Barch quote where he basically admits that athletes don't like to think. That's funny cause it's true.

After the jump, a few odds and ends after the Stars 5-2 victory over the Washington Capitals, the daily media update on the Sidney Crosby post-concussion watch and how to perfectly show off when your opponent is playing the trap.


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  • And for your Stars-related video, there was nothing new on the website from post-practice (or should I say, post-go-karting) Wednesday, so here's last week's Stars Insider instead.