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Defending Big D Needs Your Help: T-Shirt Ideas


Attention Defending Big D readers: We're going to be entering into a partnership with an online store to design and sell Dallas Stars and Defending Big D themed shirts. We've had a shirt in the past but we're looking at starting with a fresh start with some great shirts that fans and readers of the site will love.

What we're looking for are some great ideas for shirts -- ones that have to do with the Dallas Stars, the players and this site. We need to stay away -- if we can -- from ideas that actually use "Dallas Stars" or actual players names. There can be some legal issues if we do so. So, this is a bit of a challenge.

For those asking, we'll be working with Dallas Cowshirts.

Use your imagination. What are some trends, some nicknames, some sayings we all love and would love to spread the word with via a great shirt? Let us know in the comments section.