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Stargazing #8: Brent Severyn Talks NHL Rule Changes, Fighting & Future of Hockey

A special episode of Stargazing this week, as former Dallas Stars enforcer Brent Severyn joins the show to give his unique perspective on how the league's crack-down on hitting and fighting is drastically changing the way the game is played - and not necessarily in a good way. Plus, he has some encouraging insight not just with this year's team, but also with the talent in the pipeline.

Sev really has an interesting take on the direction of the NHL and it's something we're going to explore a bit further next week on the site and on the podcast. Lots of changes the past decade in the NHL and it seems that the league wasn't prepared for the ramifications of taking clutching and grabbing out of the game, leading to more speed and more brutal hits. But is the campaign to make the game safer taking away what makes this game so unique?

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