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Video: Dallas Stars Honor Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee Joe Nieuwendyk

For those that unfortunately were unable to get the Dallas Stars feed of last night's game, for your viewing pleeasure today we have this video of the entire pre-game ceremony.

The best part from seeing the ceremony in person was probably how confused Nieuwendyk looked when Ralph Strangis started his first story. Something tells me he may not have expected that particular story coming out. I knew that Mr. Nieuwendyk was known for much more than his on-ice play, such as attending Cornell and his leadership abilities off-ice. I had no idea he saved innocent animals too. Also of note during the ceremony: Nieuwendyk's son wants to play on a line with Jamie Benn. I really wish that the camera crew had been able to get a shot of Benn's reaction to that.

It was a nicely done ceremony for one of the best players to play the sport of hockey. Enjoy.