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Announcement: Defending Big D Suite Night January 20th

Some of you may have seen the FanPost from earlier this week about a proposed "suite night", where the readers could join up and get a luxury box together. We here at Defending Big D thought that was a great idea and decided we should make it an official event for the site and its readers.

What we need to do is gauge the interest here at the site to determine if such an outing is possible. No lie, it requires a significant commitment.

The date we're looking at is January 20th, a Friday night game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. We will have some food, sodas and beer/wine in the suite, along with a personal attendant in case there is anything else we need. I've never been in a luxury box before, but I've heard they're tremendous fun. There are 12, 18, 22, 32 and 50 person options, although we are looking at staying in the 22-32 person range.
My birthday is on the 21st, so I promise this would be a fun night.

If we have enough participation to fill a 22 or 32 person suite, the prices, per person, for the luxury box on this night would be between $188-194 per person.

The luxury suites require a $1000 deposit in order to hold the suite, so we cannot make this commitment unless we know we have enough people attending and committed to paying the fee. Once we have enough readers signed up, we'll coordinate payment with each person directly through our dedicated account executive with the Stars.

I've set up an online sign up sheet, which you can find here. We'll be including this link is most articles for the next week or so, and then we'll have a good idea if this is going to be possible.