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Dallas Stars Ups & Downs: Week 3

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 21:  Mike Ribeiro #63 of the Dallas Stars celebrates his goal for a 2-0 lead over the Anaheim Ducks during the first period at Honda Center on October 21, 2011 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 21: Mike Ribeiro #63 of the Dallas Stars celebrates his goal for a 2-0 lead over the Anaheim Ducks during the first period at Honda Center on October 21, 2011 in Anaheim, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
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Even with the first loss in six games this past week you'll find that this edition of Ups and Downs is still trending positive for most players as the one loss the Dallas Stars did pick up was one where the whole team still played well short of not scoring an actual goal.

3 gp, 7:54 toi

Comments:He played 10 shifts. That's about as much as one can say about his game in Anaheim before getting belted by George Parros.

Jamie BENN
5 gp, 1 g, 2 a, 8 shots

Comments:Jamie is starting to find a groove playing center. Better yet he won 21 of the 33 faceoffs he took this past week.

3 gp, 1 a, 4 hits, 3 bs

Comments:When he's not contributing to the offense like he did against Columbus, he's playing stead, gritty hockey like he did against the Ducks and Kings.

Trevor DALEY
3 gp, 4 bs, +1

Comments:With not as much pressure on Daley to be an offensive spark, he can focus on playing solid defense - which is exactly what he's done.

2 gp, 3 hits, 2 shots

Comments:Dowell actually had a very good night against Columbus taking faceoffs. if that part of his game can stay consitant than he may find himself in more an an every-game spot with the team.

3 gp, 1 a, 1 shot

Comments:He's at least picked up his first point with the Stars, but we'd certainly like to see him hit the net more. He had three missed shots this week to go with his lonely shot taken on Saturday.

2 gp, 2 g, 2 a, +3

Comments:His sceond goal of the week against the Ducks just proved the old saying still holds true... Throw pucks on the net and good things will happen.

3 gp, -1

Comments:Fiddler is doing slightly better than 50% on faceoffs, but is not helping generate much offense.

1 gp, 5 hits, +1

Comments:Mark only played in one game this past week but he was actually quite good in it playing a physical and simple game.

3 gp, 1 a, 6 shots, +1

Comments:Goligoski has generated chances with a nice amount of shots and on top of that is starting to show more of a physical presence in hiw own end.

3 gp, 7 hits, 7 bs

Comments:Grossman is starting to get back into game shape as evidenced by his hitting and amount of blocked shots.

3 gp, 8 hits

Comments:Larsen you had a decent run in the bigs, but sadly there just isn't any room for ya at the moment. Will no doubt be the first guy the Stars call on if the injury bug rears it's ugly head again.

2 gp, 2-0, 73 saves, 76 sa

Comments:Stars MVP so far? No doubt. League MVP so far? Tough to argue that as well.

Brenden MORROW
3 gp, 5 hits, 2 bs

Comments:Dropped off a little from his play a week ago, but is still effective as someone who crashes the boards and does the little things to help set up Ryder and Ribeiro.

3 gp, 7 hits

Comments:Nystrom has come in and shown great hustle and a prefrence to hit opposing players early and often.

Steve OTT
3 gp, 1 g, 1 a, 9 hits

Comments:Continuing to bring a nice mix of hard nosed play along with offensive awareness. Also had a good fight against Mike Richards of the Kings to help set a tone int hat game.

2 gp, 6 bs

Comments:Starting to show more of what is expected of him and after taking the Ducks game off, put in a good effort against the Kings as he also made sure to get the puck on net.

1 gp, 2 hits, 2 shots

Comments:Can't quite give him an up yet as he only played one game, but that one game he played was easily his best effort of the season so far.

1 gp, 0-1

Comments:Rayzor deserved a much better fate than he got on Saturday night as he went save for save against Jonathan Quick of the Kings

3 gp, 1 g, 6 shots

Comments:Ribs is known to have slow starts goal scoring wise so to see him get a goal this early in the season is a good sign.

Stephane ROBIDAS
3 gp, 6 bs

Comments:Robi is steady as always. Nuff said.

Michael RYDER
3 gp, 1 g, 6 shots, +2

Comments:Quickly becoming the trigger man of his line as Morrow creates space and Ribs is constantly feeding him passes.

Sheldon SOURAY
3 gp, 1 g, 3 hits

Comments:Sheldon has cooled off a little but his shotis still a threat every time he takes the ice. We'd just like to see him cool it on the penalties he's taken this past week.

2 gp, 0 pts, -1, 2 for 2 faceoffs

Comments:Needs to show the team more in his short amount of ice time than just the odd face off win and a hit here or there if he wants to stay as a regular.