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George Parros' Hit On Krys Barch: Is A Suspension Coming?

During last night's game against the Anaheim Ducks, Krys Barch took a bit of a knock to the noggin behind the play from George Parros that left Barch feeling a bit woozy on the bench. Since the hit happened behind the play it's tough to get a good angle, but here's the best video we could find:

Now, it's obvious that contact was made to the head which is in violation of the spirit of Rule 48. However, it wasn't a violent hit and it's obvious that Parros wasn't exactly targeting Barch's head -- just seemed like a careless collision more than anything.

Is a suspension coming here from Brenden Shanahan? Based on what we've seen the first month of the season, you have to wonder that one almost has to be handed down so that the new disciplinarian can continue to back up previous suspensions and the NHL's focus on taking away dangerous hits to the head.

Personally, I think anything over two games would be a bit much. Parros doesn't have a history of bad hits and is generally considered one of the "good guy" enforcers in the NHL.