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SB Nation iPhone App Version 1.1 Coming Soon; Android App By Christmas

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When the SB Nation iPhone App was released a few months back, many of you rejoiced that a dedicated app for SBN was finally available but some were frustrated by the limitations. There was an outpouring of feedback and SB Nation has listened, and version 1.1 should be on its way to the App Store within the next few days.

Some of the updates include:

*iOS 5.0 compatibility
* Improved comments - You can pretty much do everything on the app now that you can on the full site, with the exception of Rec'ing a comment.
* FanPosts - Includes recommended FanPosts and recently posted Fanposts.
* Blog Colors
* In-App Browser

The other big news is that the SB Nation team heard the requests loud and clear and an Android app is on the way, with all of the features of the iPhone App Version 1.1 as well. This app should be released by the holidays.

After the jump, a video highlighting all of the new upgrades and features.

SB Nation iPhone app - v1.1 from Mark on Vimeo.