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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jamie Benn's One-Man Effort Sparkles In Stars Win

Jamie Benn is so good even karate kicks can't stop him.
Jamie Benn is so good even karate kicks can't stop him.

Jamie Benn's name is on the lips of all the NHL pundits after his sparkling 1-on-4 goal from last night's Dallas Stars 3-2 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets.

If you somehow missed it last night, Brandon posted a video of the highlight after the game. I'll give you a second to go look and marvel.

And in his classic Jamie Benn underplay sort of way, here is what he had to say about the goal.

"I kind of got pretty luck. I made two little turns there, the goalie poked and I guess it was just luck."

Uh huh, Jamie. Sure.

Mike Modano made up for the understatement with this gem on Twitter on the general state of the Blue Jackets that garnered all sorts of late-night attention.

@9modano: Rick Nash please ask for a trade..!

That's fairly classic from both of them, I think, to sum up what became a pretty nice night for the Stars.

After the jump, more on the Stars win over the Blue Jackets, why some aren't completely sold on Kari Lehtonen and the Boston Bruins going bananas with the penalties? You don't say...


  • Mike Heika thinks the best part of the team's hot start isn't any individual player's efforts but the margin for error the 10 points might give the team when it hits the inevitable growing pains at some point, though you have to have access to the paywall to get his full opinion. []
  • Quick and dirty gamer from Mark Stepneski with a focus on the once-again stellar play of Kari Lehtonen. Stop me if you've heard that story before. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Puck Daddy also loved themselves some Jamie Benn skillsfest. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Columbus Dispatch seems to think that Steve Mason is not a part of the problem in Columbus. While I concede that he is just one of many issues the Blue Jackets have going on, I ask did he actually watch that Steve Ott goal? [Puck-Rakers Blog]
  • Here's how our friends from The Cannon saw the game, complete with their suggested musical accompaniment. [The Cannon]
  • While I disagree with this writer's opinion, I will give him credit for putting together a very solid rationale as to why fantasy hockey players might want to think about trading Kari Lehtonen "high" now whether than waiting to see if his sterling performance is a season-long thing. [ESPN]
  • This power rankings makes me giggle because the caption about the Stars says the hardest teams they will face this month are the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils. The writer might have wanted to actually look at a Stars schedule since the Anaheim Ducks, which are ranked one spot about Dallas, are next on the docket. []
  • The Stars get a brief mention in this notes column from the amusingly bespectacled John Shannon, but I find his other notes about things like "concussion-like symptoms" and the return of Richard Rodier to NHL business more interesting. []
  • Around the Pacific Division: It was blowout night on the West Coast as the Los Angeles Kings steamrolled the reeling St. Louis Blues 5-0 and the Chicago Blackhawks dominated the Phoenix Coyotes 5-2. [ Tribune]
  • The Shanahammer struck again on Tuesday, this time striking Pittsburgh Penguins defenseman Kris Letang, who got a two-game suspension for a boarding incident. And the Penguins aren't complaining, though coach Dan Bylsma does employ liberal use of the royal we. [Pittsburgh Tribune]
  • Interesting box score of the night: I know it will shock all the Stars fans who got to witness the Bruins go a little bit off the rails last season, but it happened again Tuesday as the Bruins gooned it up in a 4-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. Two articles for you - one recapping how stupid the Bruins feel on the losing end of one of these things and one with video and amusing commentary. [ESPN Boston/Puck Daddy]