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Two Dallas Stars Fights Among Best of Season's First-Half

The incomparable Behind The Net Hockey blog put a list together yesterday morning of the seasons best fights in the first half according to the voters at If you've never been to you are missing out, and you should register over there so you can vote for the Stars (or not) as fights happen, because they don't keep voting open for long.

Krys Barch vs Cam Janssen and Jarome Iginla vs Jamie Benn make their list in the #'s 2 and 3 spots surprisingly, though the Stars are not often known for their ability to win fights. It's fitting that Jamie Benn is on the list because he's had some good ones this year, even if he's not the guy we really want to see bashing his hand against plastic helmets and sitting in the penalty box for five minutes at a time.

Even more surprising still is that Benn and Barch lead voting in those fights. We love Krys Barch's willingness and gusto but the voters are typically not very kind to him over there. (All the more reason to register) He recently told the Stars post-game show that he uses to research but he tries to ignore the commenters and voters.

Check out the full list on Behind The Net Hockey, and they have a vote going on for fight of the year so far so register over there and vote for that.

Oh and why's Benn/Iginla. Again.