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NHL All-Star Game: Loui Eriksson Records a Game High 4 Points

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The spectacle of an All-Star game in most of the North American major sports league's is met with near universal indifference bordering on disapproval. Look at the NFL Pro Bowl final score today. Look at the preposterous NBA All-Star game totals. Defense is optional and contact is minimal, but that doesn't mean it's not entertaining.

Count me among those that like the weekend as a whole. The new format was undoubtedly a success. The draft might have been the most compelling part of the festivities when it was all said and done because it contained the the only sort of "in-doubt outcome" sports fans crave. (Honestly, who cares who wins the 'game'?)

Cheap side show or not, the All-Star break has it's uses. Adam Burish got to rest his feet, Stephane Robidas was, we can only assume, sitting in a bathtub full of ice cubes for the last 72 hours, and the Stars got some good pub as Brad Richards and Loui Eriksson wore the Stars on their shoulders proudly and showed they belong. Particularly Loui Eriksson.

Loui tied Shea Weber at 4 points on the night (2-2-2) including the game winner. Too bad it was an empty net goal or he might have won MVP honors. Patrick Sharp did that but gave credit to Loui in his post-game comments as someone who might also have won it. Loui led his team with 5 SOG.

Congrats to Loui and well done to both of them...mostly for staying healthy. The two will probably miss practice tomorrow but will be ready to go for Vancouver on Tuesday night.