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Loui Eriksson Voted League's Most Underrated Player by NHLPA Poll

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In a poll conducted by the NHLPA, 318 players voted Dallas Stars' forward Loui Eriksson as the league's most underrated. He won the question with 5.4% of the vote, so let's not get carried away but it's a neat distinction for Loui because it comes from his peers. Stephane Robidas was not in the top 5, which surprised me but then, he's been called underrated so many times in recent years that perhaps he's started to be rated quite highly like he deserves.

You can see all the results of the poll here:

There are some pretty interesting results in there:

  • Marc Crawford gets 3rd place in the "What coach would you least like to play for?" category with 14% of the vote.
  • Dallas was not among the top five or bottom five in ice quality as perceived by the players. Florida was worst.
  • The players voted the Washington Capitals as "most overrated" by an overwhelming margin of 35%. Dallas was not in that top five either.
  • 2/3rds of players say the often controversial instigator rule should NOT be abolished.
  • 98% of players said fighting should not be abolished. 2% said yes. In 318 guys that's 6 or 7 dudes that said fighting should be taken out of the game. Wow. Would love to know who those 6 or 7 guys are. As would most of their peers. 
  • In a pretty funny result, the winner of "Who is the best ref?" was "None," with several officials actually being named to round out the top 5. It seems at least some of the players are at least as frustrated with the officiating as the fans are.