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Stargazing: Stars Traveling Tuesday, Still No Word on Benn, Wandell

Did you turn the game off last night at some point and just go to sleep? Isn't that a nice luxury to have? To get away from it? To just duck out?

A lot of folks did. A lot of us didn't. The players, however, had to experience all of it. In fact they're still experiencing it now. The locker room. The bus back to the hotel. Sleeping in Vancouver. Waking up and thinking "7-1, oh yeah...". The bus to the airport. The long plane ride... I can't imagine any of it was very fun for all involved.

That might be good thing. It might really make an impression on these guys. It might spark them to getting back on the horse and finish January strong with a good win over Edmonton on Wednesday. Or, sitting around festering in that defeat for the better part of 18 hours together could have a negative impact on such a short turnaround. We'll see.

Indeed the Stars have exactly one practice scheduled between now and their next meeting with the Vancouver Canucks on Tuesday, Feb 1st thanks to the All-Star break. The time off is good for the bodies to heal but I imagine Crow would like to have some time to work on some things before meeting that team again.

In the mean time we have no news on Jamie Benn and Tom Wandell yet because of the travel day. Stay tuned. I imagine the DMN and ESPN will attempt to get Crow on the phone today, at least, but you never know.


  • ESPN Dallas says Stars goaltending prospect Tyler Beskorowany is kicking ass and taking names and also catches up with Francis Wathier. [ESPN Dallas]
  • Mike Heika says that as good as the Stars have been at taking advantage of limited scoring opportunities many games this season, it seems like they're close to scoring even more... [DMN]
  • The Devils might move former Star Jason Arnott now, and Philadelphia is still complaining that they offered more for Langebrunner apparently. [Yahoo!]
  • Speaking of former Stars, Nick Hagman is having some trouble even though Calgary is surging. Anyone still pouting about Hagman around here? [Times Colonist]
  • Poor Pierre LeBrun was evidently prepping this very complimentary piece on the Stars and then they go and get PASTED the night before he runs with it. He ran with is anyway. It's awkward reading something like this the day after that. [ESPN]
  • And in the category labeled LOL, here is a dynamite headline from Bleacher Report complete with their signature, idiotic "sideshow" presentation: "With Anze Kopitar And Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings Could Be A Dynasty"  <-- Seriously. Don't click on it, but love the unintentional comedy.
  • Another in the long line of stories about how Marc Crawford is different now. [ESPN Dallas/Durrett]