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Nieuwendyk, Former Stars to Play in Flames-Habs Alumni Game

Did you know there is a second outdoor NHL hockey game in the works this season? That's ok, neither does anyone else.

February 20th the Calgary Flames will host the Montreal Canadiens outdoors at the University of Calgary in what we can only assume will be a blizzard of epic proportions in sub zero temperatures. The 2011 "Heritage Classic".

The best part about the weekend is there will be an alumni game between the two franchises featuring our very own Joe Nieuwendyk in a Calgary Flames sweater (actually that sounds pretty yuck) and many other former Stars including Brian Skrudland, Bob Gainey, Craig Ludwig, Guy Carbonneau, Mike Keane, and Kirk Muller. All but Nieuwendyk will be wearing Montreal sweaters, so that's where our allegiance will lie in this one.

Not that it matters, because the odds of any of it being televised are somewhere between slim and none. If anyone hears differently on that please let us know. We would love to see this, even if it is old guys and two 20 minute periods.

You can see a picture of Joe in his Calgary jersey here the other day, which is slightly nauseating given what the Flames did to the Stars on Friday night.

From the Calgary Herald:

Nieuwendyk, who was in Calgary Friday with the Dallas Stars, of course, has nothing but fond memories.

"That's the bond you have for life with these guys," said the Stars' general manager. "So many great memories of '89 in Calgary. I'm sure Lanny will be flying around out there so I'll try to keep up with him. You keep in touch with these guys from time to time. It's a common bond we have - a special period of time in our careers."

Over/Under on Craig Ludwig blocked shots?