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StarGazing: Jamie Benn Rides A Forklift

I'm in between classes at the moment, so this will be a short StarGazing today, folks.

If you had told me at this time last season that the Stars would go on an 8-game road win streak in the next season, I would've questioned your grip on reality. Let's face it, the Stars were putrid away from the friendly confines of the AAC last season. So for them to make such a marked improvement in only a year's time is mightily impressive. 

And it speaks to how far this team has come as far as chemistry is concerned. I remember a couple years ago listening to Razor on the radio, saying how the team bus rides on the road were oddly silent. There didn't seem to be that chemistry, that 'fun' atmosphere that there is now, and you can see the effect that has had on the squad. It's great to see. 

Anyways, onto the news..


  • Mike Heika of the Dallas Morning News has his take and some player quotes from the game last night. Heika points out why it was imperfect win, saying: "They were out-shot 32-24. They had a horrendous stretch of seven minutes in the second period where they easily could have lost control of the game. And they lost focus on the details that have carried them so well this season." [DMN]
  • TSN has a great article today bestowing some praise upon our hometown Dallas Stars. With the Stars set to take on Calgary tonight, the Canadian media is definitely taking notice of a team that is proving this season is far from a fluke. [TSN]
  • In non-hockey news, the NHL revealed "The Star", the Dallas addition to the NHL's children's cartoon "Guardian Project". Looks kinda cool until you read this: "When engaging his enemies, the Star lets them know who is boss immediately with his catch phrase 'There's a new Sheriff in town.'" That's right, it's a Woody from Toy Story in a superhero suit. []
  • Anyways, back to the game last night. is running a neat behind-the-scene photo series on the Stars' western Canada road trip. Anything with Jamie Benn riding a forklift is worth checking out.  []
  • The Toronto Sun has a nice little story on Steve Ott and his petulant pepper-pot ways. [Toronto Sun]
  • Evgeni Nabokov has made his return to the NHL with the Detroit Red Wings. (Insert obligatory first-round exit joke here.) []
  • And finally, check out Mike Heika's chat yesterday on [DMN]