RSVP: 2nd Annual DBD Watch Party in Addison, February 5th

Announcing the second annual Defending Big D Watch Party!

When: Saturday, February 5th. 6:00pm CST. Stars @ Flyers

Where: Buffalo Wild Wings, Addison TX (Dallas North Tollway and Belt Line)

Please RSVP in comments. We need a head count.

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We decided on Addison after all the discussion, rather than some place that was a little more centralized because we want to stay the heck away from the Super Bowl and all Super Bowl related things. (They can't fine me for saying Super Bowl on the internet, right? Super Bowl, Super Bowl, Super Bowl!!!) . (Actually I heard Jerry Jones is going to sell tickets to our watch party in Addison and count it as attendance for his record breaking Jerry World Super Bowl. Ok, enough asides...)

We hope that works for most people. We're sorry if it doesn't but it is what it is.

What we would to hear now is all the people who will be there. Please, please, please RSVP in the comments and let us know how many people will be coming with you. We need to get a head count. At the very least you can count on myself, Brandon Worley and Brandon Bibb. Pat will be in Missouri worrying about his education and Art is currently buried under 27 feet of snow in Alberta.

We had a lot of fun last year and we can't wait to see as many of you as possible for some good hockey fun with food and beverage. Depending on how this goes we can hopefully do another one this season and, hockey-gods forbid, maybe even a playoff version if the fates should align thusly.

So RSVP! Otherwise I'll have to re-name it from "DBD Watch Party" to "2 Brandons: 1 Brad"

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