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Icethetics: Dallas Stars To Unveil New Third Jerseys Next Season

The Ice Girls approve of new jerseys!
The Ice Girls approve of new jerseys!

According to a report on the great hockey uniform website, the Dallas Stars are looking into designing a new alternate jersey for next season. Dallas will be among reportedly eleven teams that are making changes to their uniforms in '11-'12.

From Icethetics:

Dallas may have been the hardest hit by the transition to Reebok Edge in 2007. They went from having a beautiful and unique set of sweaters to some of the blandest in the league. And green almost disappeared entirely.

Currently, the Stars wear a black jersey and a white jersey, each of which simply has the word "DALLAS" arched above the sweater number - not too unlike the Thrashers' current third. They're trimmed in gold and only the white uniform has any hint of green. Their third jersey is the only one with any kind of a logo on the front.

Now it seems they're finally ready to advance the brand and add something new. (Let's just hope it's not a black version of the present third.) I think we're all anticipating something in green, a color that's slowly but surely returning to the NHL after an absence that went on too long.

If you'll remember (and I'm sure you've probably noticed this by now), the Stars swapped their alternate jersey with their road jersey before this season. So all they have is a black jersey, and two white jerseys. Not much color for a franchise that originally had very colorful jerseys at the beginning of the decade.

Icethetics even muses that the Stars could consider a new logo for the third jersey, which I'm personally skeptical about. This franchise doesn't have a great track record with new logos (see: Mooterus), and I'd much prefer the green Texas logo on the front of a new sweater. But that's just me.

So what say you? What kind of design do you think the Stars should go with? I've heard suggestions ranging from an updated "old-school" North Stars look to a totally brand new incarnation of the jersey. Either way, it looks like the Stars will be wearing a lot more green from now on than they have in the past few years.