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Stargazing: Stars Win 7th Straight on Road; Benn Goal Takes Over the Internet

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That's three out of the last four Sunday's the Stars have earned a big win and subsequently sent us all bounding out the door on Monday mornings for work with a little extra spring in our step, basking in the continued Pacific Division lead. Thank you, Stars, for that.

That one Sunday they didn't get the win? (Seriously they have been playing a lot of Sundays lately...) At home against Phoenix. The key word being at home, not Phoenix. The seven game streak on the road that ties the franchise record is fantastic but they now have three in a row at home where they've dropped five straight.

They go 11 days between road games so if the good times are to continue rolling, so to speak, it's time to get back on track at the AAC starting tomorrow with the Edmonton Oilers.

In the mean time, continue basking while the basking is good. (And while the Sharks keep floundering)


  • First, something near and dear to my heart: The NHL wheel of (in)justice. Read this Puck Daddy post on the Stuart/Kostopoulos hit and then look at this hit on Nick Grossman by Sestito of Columbus and then tell me the NHL doesn't punish based only on injuries. It's deplorable. [Puck Daddy]
  • Seriously, it makes me so angry it gets two bullet points.
  • Nucks Misconduct runs down the rules on hat tricks and who must throw their hats. Seriously, if you're close enough, throw your damned hat. They take them up and donate them to charity anyway. This is a funny read b/c of the pictures of lack of hats on VAN ice. [Nucks Misconduct]
  • The Wild got beat because they were tired. [FS North]
  • Pro Hockey Talk has a poll and it looks like Jamie Benn is running away with goal of the night. Should be goal of the month too. [PHT]
  • Jamie Benn gets love at Fanhouse too for a play of the weekend. Jamie Benn is getting a lot of love this morning. [Fanhouse]
  • Jamie was Puck Daddy's 3rd star of the night. Marian Hossa beating up on the hapless Islanders is better than Benn's goal? Meh. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Wild are oddly reminscient of the Stars now with their strong road play and weak stretch at home. [USA Today]
  • Early Stars/Oilers preview from CBS. [CBS]
  • New York Rangers fans, always coveting Brad Richards, have decided that the Langebrunner deal means they can't get him at the deadline.[Blueshirt Banter]

Hockey Wilderness describes Dallas' play last night:

The Dallas Stars continued to show why they are leading the Pacific division. They applied pressure early and often, controlled the flow of the game. Played a solid physical game, created turnovers, drove to the net and took shots from high percentage areas and kept the Wild from developing any sustained offensive pressure. Frankly, they played about a complete game as possible.

It's interesting to hear others describe the Stars. The Wild coach said after the game "They're a very, very good team -- big and they can skate."