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Dallas Stars Sale: Gallacher Not Officially Out per Mike Heika

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Liverpool and Stars fans have the same message for Tom Hicks. But it appears he isn't listening.  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Liverpool and Stars fans have the same message for Tom Hicks. But it appears he isn't listening. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
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Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean Gallacher's interest in the team hasn't waned, either, giving credence to John Shannon's tweets yesterday. And of more interest to Stars fans, Joe Nieuwendyk told Heika he expects a resolution to all this by 2011.

Now I'm a big Nieuwy fan. And he's probably more connected into this sale process than any of us are.

So it's with a tremendous amount of respect to Nieuwendyk when I say this.

I'll believe it when the ink is dry on the agreement to transfer ownership of the club. And here's the nugget from Heika's update yesterday, which also notes that Tom Gaglardi is still in it, that leads me to this belief.:

As for other people interested, there have been several parties sniffing around the team, but the people I have talked to believe these potential buyers do not believe the value is as high as the lenders would like it to be. That means we could have a long standstill in the negotiations until the economic pressures of running the team start to push on the sale.

Overvaluation? Why, Tom Hicks would never do that to any sports franchise in which he holds a financial stake.

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Oh. Wait.


THE attempt by Liverpool FC’s owners to sell up to a Kuwaiti consortium have stalled because Tom Hicks and George Gillett are putting too high a value on the club, it has been claimed.

"Things are going really badly because they are asking for too much," said Abdulla Al-Sager, who’s among the potential investors headed by Kuwait’s Al-Kharafi family.

That's from a March 6, 2009 story by David Bartlett of the The Daily Post.


To this day, Hicks hasn't budged from the high asking price. And as Art noted yesterday, he tried to get funding to buy out George Gillett at Liverpool with the intention of selling the club within two years.

And even going back to the sale of the Texas Rangers, one of the main sticking points was his insistence on retaining ownership of land around the Ballpark and staying on as a minority owner.

I noted a few months ago when Hicks appointed Sal Galatioto that it appeared he learned his lessons from the sale of the Rangers.

Well, I was wrong.

Instead, it's become clear that Hicks' objective is to try and squeeze every last nickle he can out of these investments, the Stars, Rangers, and Liverpool be damned. And he'll keep trying until extraneous factors force him to finally sell up.

When that day comes, however, is anybody's guess.