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A Defending Big D Milestone

Yesterday evening, sometime around 7 p.m. CDT on the last day of the month, Defending Big D celebrated our best month of traffic since we launched in January of 2009. At just over 86,000 page views for the month of August, we eclipsed our previous best of the 85,000 views we enjoyed in July.

What's impressive about these numbers is the fact that July and August are supposed to be the slow months, the time of the year when no one cares about hockey. August, especially is a rough month as we fight for ideas for content while the team stays out of the spotlight before starting training camp in September.

To give you an idea of how far we've come, last August we had just under 24,000 page views for that month.

That we have come this far is a testament to all of our loyal readers and those that find us every day. We hope that we provide you with the best Dallas Stars news and analysis (from a fan's perspective) that you can find. As Stars fans, we're going through a rough time together and my only hope is that we can continue to grow as a community and continue the excellent debates and comments we've been enjoying over the past year.

Heading into the season, we're committed to providing you with more original analysis and breakdowns than ever before. Hopefully September will soon become the best month in DBD history, and so on for each coming month.

Sometime in the next month we'll enjoy our 1,000,000 page view to Defending Big D. Then we'll really celebrate!