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Modano Makes it Official With Detroit, Press Conference at 1pm CDT

Those worried that one more year of Mike Modano would produce a distracting "farewell tour" for the Dallas Stars suddenly aren't feeling so glad that it's not going to be happening. Today, in a press conference at Joe Louis Arena, Mike Modano will cross that line that Hatcher and Hull crossed before him, and pass into the realm of Stars fans most hated franchise.

His contract has a base of $1.25 million with another $500,000 possible if he just stays healthy and plays a reasonable number of games. There are also bonuses if they get out of the first round of the playoffs.

Mike Heika reports that the Modano's will spend the weekend looking for a house to rent, and that Mandy will live with Mike in Detroit as much as possible when not working out in Los Angeles or wherever her career takes her. posits that Mike will play on the third line in Detroit between Jiri Hudler and Dan Cleary. He is also expected to get power play time.

Back in July I gave Mike my endorsement on the number 90, and clearly he was listening because that's the number he has chosen.

There's a ton of Modano reading to be done out there, and most of the stuff coming from Red Wing sources reads about like this Free Press headline: "Unwanted Star Becomes Wanted Red Wing."

Mike Modano is wanted in Detroit, and maybe even needed. And while that might be tough to deal with as a Stars fan, it’s a pretty cool thing if you’re a Mike Modano fan.

I have an appointment to see my ophthalmologist today. You know, from the all the eye rolling.