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DBD List-O-Matic: The 5 Best Looking Jerseys In The NHL*

After the last few days of mind-numbing debate on the current budget issues of the Stars and the topic of a bloggers place within the NHL, I felt this week's list should be somewhat of a light topic, but still spark plenty of debate.

The hockey sweater. More to the point, which NHL teams have the best looking ones? That little astrisk you see in the end of the title? Well, that small disclaimer is over the only rule I gave when starting to think of this list: No original six teams. Lets face it, pick any of the original six of Toronto, Montreal, Boston, New York, Detroit or Chicago... they all look great! Going with any of those teams would have been too easy right? We'll just assume that those teams have the best looking threads in the league.

That said, here is what I (with input from Brad and Pat) figured on...

#5 Best Looking NHL Jersey: Tampa Bay Lightning Road


(AP Photo/Stephen Chernin)

I know this is an odd pick and many of you right off the bat are scratching your head going "what tha..?" Yes, in a way the jersey is pretty plain even if it is a nice shade of blue mixed with silver and black and the logo itself is kind of uninspired, but to me it comes down to two words: Victory stripes. Those lines on the underarm gusset of all their jerseys has been a constant since the team came into the NHL in 1992. Word is that they were a request from then team owner Phil Esposito who wanted something that could be easily identified and seen by the entire hockey world when there was a Lightning player celebrating a goal (or lifting the Stanley Cup) That one small touch - for me at least - separates the Lightning sweater from so many others.

More hockey sweaters after the jump... And a time honored short film about a certain hockey sweater that all Canadians have watched at least once in their life.

#4 Best Looking NHL Jersey: Dallas Stars Home

(AP Photo/Mike Fuentes)

Ok, ok.. We're biased here! Yes, sure there are many fans of the Stars that they themselves would disagree with putting the Stars home back jersey in even the top ten, let alone top five.. But really is the Stars jersey that bad? I've long gotten used to the whole idea of not having a logo on the chest and having a number front and center like that is so much better than having a tiny number off to the side of a chest. Besides, how can a native of Dallas not be at least a little proud that the city is so well represented with a big 'ol DALLAS on the chest of each player? They just aren't playing for the crest on the front of a jersey.. they are playing for the city on the front of the jersey! That's what makes it a winner to us.

#3 Best Looking NHL Jersey: Philadelphia Flyers Home

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Many sports teams have done the retro thing and gone back to past looks, but we gotta say not many have been more fitting than the Flyers going back to the classic orange jersey with the white name bar. A sweater that harkens back to the Broad Street Bully days of the 70's ... And it's been so popular that this coming season, the road whites will have the same look with only a black name bar instead - much like their winter classic uniforms from this past season.

#2 Best Looking NHL Jersey: Los Angeles Kings Alternates

(AP Photo/Danny Moloshok)
When it comes to sports uniforms, I tend to agree a lot with someone like Paul Lukas (who if you weren't aware is a regular columnist for and runs the very fine blog known as Uni Watch - if you're a jersey fiend such as I am, then this blog is a must read) when it comes to the idea of purple on a jersey and that is: It doesn't belong. Unless your say the L.A. Lakers or the University of Northwestern, purple just shouldn't have a place on your team's jersey. So when the Kings introduced this alternate jersey that was more of a nod to their 90's silver and black look, I couldn't help but be appreciative. The font used for the name and number is unique, the logo is a nice mix of their current look but also again a nod to their 90's logo... If you really don't like this jersey, then I don't know if we can help you with your awkward fashion sense.

#1 Best Looking NHL Jersey: St. Louis Blues Alternate

(AP Photo/Bill Boyce)

Quite honestly, we all seemed to agree that the Blues 3rd jersey is pretty sharp. Is it a clear cut number one pick? Not exactly. We're still leaving out favorites like Buffalo's new home jersey or the Phoenix Coyotes home red or even the Penguins jerseys that got some love and all deserve an honorable mention. For what it's worth though, we all liked the Blues alternate sweater and wonder why there hasn't been a rush to make it the full time home jersey. Sure the stripling on the jersey may be a little plain, and the whole tie-up collar may be a little overplayed... but that crest! It was about time some team in St. Louis acknowledged the Arch on their jersey/uniforms (we're not gonna count the St. Louis Rams word-mark logo when they first started play in the NFL) because next to maybe Budweiser, what is the first thing you think of when someone says "St. Louis" to you? Exactly...

Of course, we fully expect many to disagree and in some cases have a completely different top five... So let us know about it in the comments section! In the meantime, I said I had a video to close out today's list with, so enjoy!

The Sweater (via tjackson76)