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Free Press Says Modano To Sign With Red Wings

After several amateurish claims and many reviews of Ken Hollands intuition and finest guesswork, we finally have a credible source on Mike Modano news, as the Detroit Free Press reports that Mikey Mo will indeed play his final NHL season for the Detroit Red Wings.

Despite over a month of preparation for this likelihood and the knowledge that players do not share our disdain for certain franchises, this news is, to put it mildly, hard to swallow. Picturing Mike Modano in that insufferably red and white uniform may even be vomit inducing. We urge caution.

In a relatively short period of time we've learned that an enormous media corporation (News Corp.) may purchase our team, Marty Turco will be a Blackhawk next season, and Mike Modano will be a Red Wing. If your corporate office does not provide grief counseling for such an apocalyptic chain of events, I hope you'll utilize the comment section here for free treatment.

Here's the Free Press:

The Wings have been in hot pursuit of Modano, flying him in from Dallas a month ago and wooing him over lunch and a Tigers game. He also has suitors in San Jose and Minnesota, but has made up his mind.

"Big announcement Thursday," Modano sent in a text Monday.

Modano, 40, wouldn’t reveal his hand. But a source with knowledge of the decision, who did not want to upstage the announcement, confirmed that the Westland native was coming home after 20 seasons with the Dallas franchise... [Detroit Free Press]

(Mike Modano has been a part of the Stars organization for twenty years, and yet people insist on calling Detroit his "home." He's going to live here after he's done in Detroit. He's a Dallas guy through and through. Being from some place doesn't make it your home. But I digress...)

This brings about the sticky end of two of the off-seasons most pressing questions: Where will Marty Turco and Mike Modano end up? Apparently a weekend of golf in Scotland was all they needed to make up their minds this entire time. Other questions, however, remain. Jere Lehtinen, for one, and the big one: Stars ownership.

The Rangers auction on Wednesday may be telling on that front as the television situation plays out and News Corp's motivations in the matter of the Dallas Stars becomes clearer. Stay tuned to Defending Big D for further info.

In the mean time, join us in begrudgingly wishing Mike Modano a happy and healthy final season in the NHL. Get back to Dallas as soon as you can, Mike. You're always a Star. They're just borrowing you for a season.

And remember, opening night in Dallas: October 14th. Detroit Red Wings @ Dallas Stars.