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Niskanen May Be Traded... But Won't Be Traded

I think it's no secret that I am Defending Big D's resident Matt Niskanen supporter.  I still think the kid (he's a kid to me anyway) still has lots of upside to his game, wasn't as bad as people believed last year and I'd be disappointed if the Stars did trade him away.

So of course I always sit up and take notice when Matt Niskanen trade talk comes across my Google reader.  Such was the case this morning from the *always* reliable Bleacher Report... (And yes that last sentence is dripping with sarcasm.)

Bieksa for Niskanen rumours may be true, but Dallas Stars won't trade the defenseman.


Ugh.  Please allow me a brief rant for the morning if you all will...

I'll ignore for a moment that all of this writer's tidbits of info are completely un-credited.  That Joe Nieuwendyk / James Neal story this writer mentioned?  Chris Johnston of Canadian Press Tweeted that news yesterday.  That in itself is just bad, bad, bad.  But I see 'reports' like this and I instantly get taken back to my childhood where my mom would often scold me after breaking a new toy:  "This is why we can't buy you nice things!"

It's "reports" like this which is why us regular, responsible bloggers can't be taken seriously within the hockey world!  This is why a team like the Edmonton Oilers scoffs at even the idea of giving some guy who writes a blog any kind of access to the team.  Irresponsible "journalism" (and I use that word oh so loosely in this case) which doesn't even have a shred of reality to it let alone any sense.

Firstly that entire line can be boiled down to one statement: Niskanen may be traded.. but he won't be?  That my friends is a case "hedging your bet" if there ever was!

Secondly, why would the Vancouver Canucks who are not only up tight against the salary cap and have at least eight very capable NHL defensemen on their roster trade for a defenseman who doesn't even have a contract yet?  Sure Kevin Bieksa is rumored to be on the move, but it's most likely for forward help.

Look, I get it..  It's August. Hockey news is slow... it's Georges Laraque slow at this point.  Aspiring hockey journalists wanna write and got nothing to write about so throwing our random made up rumors seems like the fun thing to do.  Hey, rumors are fun right?  I mean we here at DBD have even had our turn commenting and talking about the various rumors of the Dallas Stars sale.

But this kind of "rumor reporting" needs to stop...  It's just making all of us in the hockey blogsphere look bad even though most of us know better.

In closing let me add that the Stars better not trade Matt Niskanen either, let alone more mindless speculation about him fly around the net so carelessly that cause friends of mine to grill me with the repeated question of "Hey I read on the internet that Nisky might be traded, what do you think?!"  If I have to 'answer' that question one more time, I may have to find a wall to ram my head against...

But that too is just a rumor.