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DMN: Dallas Stars Not in On Tomas Kaberle

Mike Heika confirmed with Joe Nieuwendyk today that the Stars would not be on of the teams trying to trade for Toronto defenseman Tomas Kaberle:

Nieuwendyk said he did not want to talk about a player on another team or whether or not the Stars had interest, but he said the Stars would not be making a trade for Kaberle and had no trades planned right now.

GM Joe leaves the question of "interest" to your imagination, so take that for what it's worth.

Our Pat Iversen made a compelling case for why Kaberle would not be a Star on Friday, which you can find here. Pat was right on the money. If you've been reading certain other less reputable sites, you might have thought differently. Aren't you glad you stick with DBD?

Check out the DMN for the whole post.

Check out Pat's article on why Kaberle wouldn't be a good trade for Dallas anyway.

And now back to watching Rangers Sunday baseball.