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DMN: News Corp Out on Bidding for Dallas Stars

This sort of falls into the "the news is there is no news" category, but it's such good non-news that we just have to celebrate and share the word.

Mike Heika brings us this...

I was filing some e-mails and making some calls today, and I got put in touch with Chris Bellitti, the vice president of communications for all of FSN. He said that Fox will not be bidding for the Stars.

Here is his one-line statement:

"Fox will not be submitting a bid for ownership of the Dallas Stars.''

And more. Please visit his blog at the DMN.

We have been speculating all week about why News Corp would still be in on the bidding after they opted to not bid on the Texas Rangers. Looks like our logic (dumb luck?) panned out as that is indeed the case. News Corp (FOX) is said to be interested only in extending their television rights with the Rangers and Stars on Fox Sports Southwest, not buying teams to make the process cheaper.

This is good news for those of us who believe this team needs a passionate, singular face as the head of what we hope will be it's resurgence. News Corp has the deep pockets, sure, but (presumably) not the desire we hope a new owner brings this fall.

It seems safe to say at this point (seems) that the Dallas Stars will be owned by either Bill Gallacher or Tom Gaglardi.