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WGN Radio Report: Turco Has Signed With The Blackhawks (?)

Mind you, this is a very preliminary report, via The Fourth Period's twitter: 

Reports out of Chicago saying hawks have signed goalie marty turco to a 1yr, 1.75M deal ... No official decision on niemi yet

The Fourth Period clarified their previous tweet:

I don't have any confirmation yet on reported signing. WGN Radio in CHI reporting Turco signed, announcement tmrw.

Keywords: no confirmation. TFP is a reliable source, but it's important to note that the news hasn't been confirmed. And WGN's website has nothing up currently, but we will keep you updated as more info emerges. You might remember the Ken Campbell report that the Stars sale was near completion, only to have numerous other reporters prove the report wrong. So keep that in mind, but if the news is correct, then Marty Turco may have just gotten that much closer to the Stanley Cup he deserves. 

UPDATE (10:54 PM): 

Chris Kuk, hockey writer for the Chicago Tribune, tweets:

#Source close to the hawks has no knowledge of a Marty Turco signing. If it's true, WGN-TV's Dan Roan is the only one with it.

So still, nothing confirmed, but like I said earlier: one report does not make something official. Stay tuned, we'll keep you updated...

UPDATE (10:57 PM): 

According to TFP's twitter:

Being told the WGN report is inaccurate.

So that's two sources in the past ten minutes refuting the report from WGN. Still nothing 'confirmed' yet, but indications are that we have a false alarm. He goes on to say though, that nothing is done "as of tonight, anyway". So something could still get done, but apparently nothing is done quite yet, contrary to the WGN report.

UPDATE (11:19 PM):

Last words from Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun Times:

Yes, the #Blackhawks have been linked to Marty Turco. But there has been NO confirmation from anyone about a signing or an announcement yet.

Officially, the big news tomorrow for the #Blackhawks is when they announce what they will do with Antti Niemi. It all starts there.

So basically, come back tomorrow and we'll have some real news for you, when the Hawks make a decision on Antii Niemi. Perhaps they will also make a decision on Turco then as well. Anyways, sleep well everyone.