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DBD List-O-Matic: The 5 Most Despised Players

Last week we looked at the teams that Stars fans love to hate. This week, we get a little more specific and count off the players who have Stars fans seeing red. Current players only of course, so sorry but no Bryan Marchment to be found here!

When putting together these lists, of course we know not everyone is going to agree with where things fall into place. People develop strong feelings one way or another and they of course differ from others. That fact was no more apparent as it was when we put together. For instance number four on our list for me personally is not someone I dislike really all that much despite his exploits against the Stars, but others felt more strongly. That's the beauty of these lists and that's why we look forward to hearing from all of you... Your opinions may (and probably do) differ and in the mid-summer heat of August, nothing helps pass the time like some good 'ol hockey debating!

#5 Most Despised Player: Chris Pronger

We'll give the devil his due... he's a damn good defenseman and has been for 16 years now. He's also one of the dirtiest and nastiest players out on the ice and truth be told that's a nice trait for a player to have if he's on your team but for anyone else, it makes him a tried and true villain. Pronger of course is probably most hated in the city of Edmonton for how he left the Oilers in 2006 - it's also obvious Pronger doesn't easily forget as just recently he skipped out of going to a Team Canada "reunion" event in Edmonton where fans were set to pay tribute to their Olympic heroes. Keeping in mind that newly minted Stars winger Adam Burrish called Pronger an "idiot" right after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and it's unlikely that Pronger will forget that when March 19, 2011 rolls around and Pronger's Flyers pay a visit to the AAC. Chris could give Stars some new reasons to hate him all over again.

After the jump, numbers four through to one. And fair warning, the venom in each "rundown" gets more vicious because... well... we hate these guys! To further prove our points, we have video evidence against each one!

#4 Most Despised Player: Bobby Ryan

There have been rumors during the summer that Ducks forward Bobby Ryan could as a UFA reunite with his first ever GM in Brian Burke and sign a deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Stars fans, would not be heartbroken over that development at all. In the two and a half seasons he's played int he NHL, he has started showing a knack for being a long time impact player for the Ducks. He's racked up three goals and nine points in 13 games played against the Stars, he almost single handedly put a damper on what was Mike Modano's last game in the AAC as a Dallas Star and he's just getting warmed up. Unless he takes his act out east, Stars fans may as well get used to the idea of hating him because he's too good for a long time to come.

#3 Most Despised Player: Alexandre Burrows

Burrows wasn't really on Stars fans radar until April 21st, 2007. On that night, Burrows shows just what kind of cheap shot artist he was for swinging his stick at an unprotected part of a player's leg and what kind of coward he is by skating away to the safety of the Vancouver bench and away from a one-legged Brenden Morrow who probably still would have torn him apart...

#2 Most Despised Player: Jordin Tootoo

Unlike the other four players on this list, Jordin Tootoo doesn't really have any skill outside of being a complete pest and it's kind of a shame to give him any kind of recognition. It's bad enough Nashville fans blow on those stupid whistles when he gets his 10:50 of almost do-nothing average ice time, but he'll forever live in Stars infamy for helping tarnish what should have been Mike Modano's greatest nights as an NHLer...

#1 Most Despised Player: Sean Avery

Just like two weeks ago, Mike Modano was the hands down number one pick for greatest Star of all time, Avery is no question the number one choice for Stars most hated. He wasn't really liked by fans or players before he came to the Stars, he gave the Stars 23 games of lazy uninspired play and then in a span of about 30 seconds became the biggest waste of 15.5 million dollars a hockey team would ever spend and really cost Brett Hull - one of the few people in all of hockey that at the time liked Avery - any kind of future as a hockey GM...