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Stargazing: What Number Would Number 9 Wear in Detroit?

You've heard Mike Modano called "#9" so many times over the life of this franchise that it's never occurred to you that he would ever wear anything else, right? The weirdest part after all of this free agency drama (thanks a lot, Lebron...) might not be Mike in a Red Wings, we kind of expected that. It might be him wearing something other than good old #9.

You can't wear #9 in Detroit because...well, you know. Winging it in Motown, our SB Nation Detroit brethren, posited this question and had an interesting discussion in their comments about it.

Modano can't add a "1" to #9, at least in front of it. The legendary 19 is also up in Joe Louis Arena's rafters for "The Captain" Steve Yzerman. However, he could go with 91, which was worn for a long time by Sergei Fedorov. Fedorov departed the team rather unpleasantly and there is still some animosity between him and the organization. But, there might be some Red Wings fans that have a problem with it, since Fedorov contributed a lot in his time here.

The easiest way to change his 9 would be to double it to 99, but Wayne Gretzky and the NHL might take issue with that. Gretzky's 99 has been retired league-wide, and rightly so.

He can't take 10 either. I like the idea one poster there had about 90. A rather unconventional hockey number for sure, but if he must do this (and it appears as though he must, indeed) I would personally very much like to see him keep a 9 on his jersey. It just wouldn't be right otherwise.

So what do you say? Should Mo wear 90? Turn that 9 upside down? 27? Take 8 from that spare Abdelkader? ...