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Video From Final Day of Stars Development Camp

Here are a few videos from the final day of Development camp.

It was billed as a skills competition, but the results along the way were a bit confusing for those that showed up. The black team got the better of the white team as the day wore on, however. First up was a stick handling relay, which I did not get video of while I waited for a shootout competition that never came. (Who has a "skills competition" without a shootout?)

Most of the hour was taken by a 3 on 3, end to end mini-scrimmage that saw the black team get the best of Jack Campbell and Tyler Beskorowany. Scott Glennie flashed his speed once to score on a breakaway. D-man Monast and Tomas Vincour were noticeable out there. A small sample of that is the last vid after the jump.

Check out the stick save this Nagle kid makes at about the 1:50 mark.

Two more after the jump...

Here the teams were tasked with scoring 7 goals with 7 pucks set on the blue line. One shot per player, per turn, and they had to return the puck to the blue line if they missed. First team to score all 7 won, which was the black team.