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Modano: It's Detroit or Retirement

Mike Modano narrowed down the possible scenarios for him next season to two. It's the Red Wings, or it's retirement. That's what he told the Detroit News on Tuesday. Modano visited with the team today and is said to be attending a baseball game tonight in Detroit with team officials. I wonder how Mandy feels about all of this Detroit nonsense.

So prepare yourselves, Stars fans. It's going to be Detroit. Will he come home first (this is his home, btw, Dallas) and feign contemplation, or will he sign a deal before coming back?

Detroit News:

"There isn't any other team," said Modano, standing outside Tigers and Red Wings owner Mike Ilitch's suite at Comerica Park Tuesday night. "It will be here or I'm not playing. I think it's narrowed to that."

"This is kind of intriguing," he said of the opportunity to finish his career in his hometown. "It's a great team, a great situation as far as coming home. There are a lot of positives to it."

"The last couple of years have been tough and they've taken a toll on me, mentally more than anything else," he said. "Physically, I still feel fine and I can play, but you have to try and get that excitement back about playing.

"If I could get it here, it's probably a given with the talent and the type of team they have. To be able to go out winning another Stanley Cup, that would be phenomenal."

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It sure does sound like he's made up his mind. Just do it already, Mike. We'll see you on October 14th.