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Dallas Stars Sweater Needs a Makeover

While we wait anxiously this summer for more tidbits as tantalizing as Fabian Brunnstrom's arbitration hearing, I thought I might take a look at the transformation of the Stars sweater over the years.

My all time favorite happens to be the North Stars sweater. Excellent color balance. Classic "N" logo.


Immediately following the team's move to Dallas (1995-1998), I believe was the second-worst look. Pretty dull, in my opinionStars_sweater_95-98_medium.


An improvement came thereafter, with the "Star" design. By improvement, I'm not necessarily referring to the star itself, but the color combination.


Then there's the God-awful "Mooterus" third sweater. Where the red came from, I have no clue. In fairness to the designer, at least it showed some out-of-the-box thinking. The best place for it, however, was in a box.



I'm one of the people who thinks the current sweater is a tad on the dull side. I like black and always have, but simple lettering doesn't do it for me, and a little infusion of green would be nice to see. Also, the rings in the elbow area just don't do it for me. The current road whites aren't too bad. At least the logo is present.

My suggestion: Go round. By that I mean, a round logo pattern. Look at the St. Louis and Minnesota examples. Clean, classy look. The round logo simply rocks.


With a change in ownership on the horizon, do you believe the current look will change?