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Daniel Kaplan: Stars Sale Down to Three Bidders per Sal Galatioto

If you read Brandon Worley's piece about the process of the Dallas Stars sale, you know that Tom Hicks put one of HSG's biggest creditors, Sal Galatioto of Galatioto Sports Group, in charge of facilitating the sale of the Stars.

And if you've followed the Rangers bankruptcy, you know that they're in the middle of yet another hearing today.

Little did we know that we'd get a piece of Stars news out of today's proceedings. But thanks to laxtonto for monitoring the Twitterfeed of Daniel Kaplan of the Sports Business Journal and finding this nugget.

daniel kaplan dkaplanSBJ
Galatioto: negotiating with 3 possible buyers for Dallas Stars, proceeds to lenders btwn $140 mln and $150 mln

We all know that Bill Gallacher and Tom Gaglardi have been publicly identified as potential owners. The fact there's a third bidder out there certainly makes for a very interesting development.