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Stargazing: Modano Speculation and Consideration Continues

For some strange reason, I have to go to work on a very rare Sunday, so we must unfortunately leave you with some light linkage and reading today.

Is anyone else getting a little nauseated hearing Mike Modano talked about by all these other franchises? Are you rooting for Minnesota now? They're hoping to do the same kind of in-person wooing that the Red Wings did, but the Sharks would get him closer to Mandy in Los Angeles.


Brandon (Worley) wrote a companion piece to Art's article comparing the Cliff Lee trade to the Stars ability to operate in a Tom Hicks darkened world...

It's a tough pill for Stars fans to swallow, watching the Rangers make such a big acquisition while the Stars are stuck with Adam Burish and Andrew Raycroft. Yet it's very important to note that while both teams are operating with very restrictive budgets the backbone of the organizations -- the prospects and the farm system -- are in completely different places.

  • The guys at Winging it in Motown appear a little worried that the Sharks and Wild have entered the Modano fray...
  • San Jose, however, offers him practically the same chance for success and another shot at the Stanley Cup that Detroit would. San Jose has a solid lineup despite replacing Evgeni Nabokov and having Rob Blake retire. Modano has no emotional or loyalty tie to San Jose like that of Minnesota or Detroit so that might be something that he considers in when it comes down to making the decision.

    Do the Sharks offer him practically the same chance? Do they?

  • The Star Telegram spreads the uninformed venom regarding Modano's departure by printing readers opinions.
  • Ralph Strangis, on the other hand, writes a thoughtful piece for that puts the whole thing into a perspective that seems to suggest that it's time for Mike to be done, without really saying it.
  • You know – I’ve been here a long time. But this job wasn’t created so I can be the Stars play-by-play guy and feel good about myself and go to Vegas with sponsors. I know that. The job exists because the Stars need a play-by-play guy and an ambassador. Some day somebody else will have it. That’s how it works. The wheel turns. That’s the deal.

    The good news is there is that Ralph shouldn't be done for 20 more years in this fans opinion.