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Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, 2010 Stanley Cup Champs

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Patrick Kane grabbed the puck on his way to the corner. He threw a sharp angle shot at Michael Leighton and the Wachovia Center, following an enormous mass inhalation grew strangely quiet. Doc Emrick started to say he scored, but stopped and nearly proclaimed that it came out the other side (CBC actually did). My eyes were drawn to the far corner where the mulleted man was streaking toward when I noticed that he was celebrating, as were a few of his teammates.

The Wachovia Center still hadn't exhaled yet.

What a strange, quiet, dare I say, nearly anti-climactic ending to what was otherwise a great hockey game. It will be forgotten in time, because the Blackhawks are a worthy champion after a great playoff, but man that was weird.

A Stars fan can't help but think of the gut punch that losing a SCF in OT at home in a game 6 is. I was visiting some old friends in Jacksonville that night in 2000. It was late on the East coast and I had isolated  myself from those I traveled to see and was locked in a room when it happened. I remember just sitting there for what seemed like forever. It's a god awful feeling. Any OT playoff goal is hard to stomach, but a Cup clincher is a punch in the gut like no other. I can pass a little bit of sympathy Philadelphia's way tonight. A little bit. Because the question that needs answering if you're a Flyer fan is "Sure, that was an awesome run, but seriously...when are we ever going to get back here again?" That's what makes it really tough.

And as much fun as we make of Marian Hossa, I actually felt a little happy for him when he got the Cup. I tried to corral that feeling before it could get out, but I am ashamed to say that I did indeed feel it. Oh well. There's always watching Pronger and Carcillo fail. That was nice.

Defending Big D's Brandon Bibb is a huge Stars fan, but he grew up a Hawks fan and he'll be along tomorrow with some more thoughts on this win.

For now we'll just say congratulations to Chicago.

(And I hope your cap troubles break your team up.)

-Stars fans

And here is the CBC broadcast. Evidently their broadcast had a meltdown as well. What great confusion.