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GDT: Hershey Bears @ Texas Stars - Calder Cup Final Game 3


History - both recent and not so recent - would seem to all be on the side of the Texas Stars at this point.

If you're any kind of Stars fan ands you've read any of the previews for this game that have dotted the internetz, then you already know the whole "no team down 0-2 has ever come back..." story that faces Hershey.  That the Bears were invincible at home until the Stars came knocking and now suddenly the whole world has been thrown out of whack:  white is blue... apples taste like oranges... everyone loves Chris Pronger...

Well ok that last one maybe not so much.

But before we start wondering aloud what the Calder Cup championship hats will look like, lets remember that before last Thursday no one - and that includes even the most diehard of us - thought taking two straight in Giant Center was possible.  So while we can't possibly see the Bears winning two of three at CPC...  well stranger things have happened already in this final series.

That said:  Game on!