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Marty Turco Turns Down Offer from Philadelphia Flyers

Marty Turco is quickly discovering the harsh realities of the free agent market facing him as he departs the Dallas area: He might not be worth as much as he'd like to think he is.

ESPN is reporting that the Flyers have reached out to Marty and offered him a 3 year deal worth only a total of $6 million. Last year with the Dallas Stars he made $5.4 million and had a cap hit of $5.7 on a deal he signed in the first year back from the lockout.

This is from the E.J. Hradek Blog:

Before turning his eye to Nabokov, however, Holmgren had quietly received the green light from Dallas to speak to another soon-to-be-free netminder, Stars UFA Marty Turco.

In fact, Holmgren offered Turco a three-year deal worth roughly $6 million (or a bit more than $2 million per season). The 34-year-old Turco, who confirmed the offer via text message, politely declined, opting Thursday to test the market.

"Quietly received the green light"

Brandon Worley wonders if this is borderline tampering...

ESPN's Pierre LeBrun shakes this off and says it's o.k., since the Dallas Stars "gave permission" to the Flyers to make an offer to Turco. I still don't understand how that would work, since the Flyers wouldn't be able to sign him to that offer anyways, since he's still under contract by the Stars.

One option would be that if Turco did agree with the offer, then the Stars would likely trade his rights to Philadelphia in exchange for a conditional draft pick. Even if that were the case, it still feels as if the two teams are dancing on a fine line with tampering.

If it leads to the Stars getting a conditional draft pick, it's hard to be all that upset about it because we've already resigned ourselves to the fact that he's leaving without compensation, but it is a pretty dicey issue.

Check out Broad Street Hockey for more on this.

Even though it looks unlikely, how would you feel about Marty Turco in orange? (Playing with Chris Pronger....yuck)